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Cuddly Crochet Koala Bear Keychain

Cuddly Crochet Koala Bear Keychain

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Cuddly Crochet Koala Bear Keychain

Our cuddly crochet koala bear is made from chenille yarn, which has soft, light and a furry surface. It results in the softness of our crochet koala bear. Just hold the crochet koala you will feels like a caterpillar to the touch! The characteristics of the koala is that it is a patient animal. They care about others very well and always remember people’s strength in their mind. By giving this keychain to a friend or loved one, it can show your support to them. Koala bears have always been popular because it looks so cute. Our crochet koala has big round ears, small eyes and big black nose. In additional to that, we crochet a small green hat for koala as a natural factor, best matched the grayish color of koala. Hurry up! Order now!

✿ Suitable for: Gifts, Birthday, Children's Day Gift, Back to School Gift, Backpack Pendant, Bag Pendant, Ornaments, Decorations, Unique Gift for Zoo Visitors, Koala Bear Lovers, Keychain for Friends, Cool Gifts, Baby Shower, Plush Keychain, New Baby Hampers


Pure Handmade ! : Each item is meticulously crafted with 100% handmade crochet, showcasing a variety of delightful designs such as dolls, flowers, and keychains. Every piece in this collection is a labor of love, requiring extensive time and energy to bring to life.

Product Specification

  • Crochet Koala Bear – L9.5cm/3.7inch, H4.5cm/1.8inch
    (Please allow a slight difference in the measurement due to handmade production)


Product images shown are for illustrative purposes only. The actual products may vary slightly from the product images due to our products being handmade.

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