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Crochet Wedding Bride & Groom Doll

Crochet Wedding Bride & Groom Doll

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Crochet Wedding Doll

Crochet Wedding Bride & Groom Doll

Will you marry me? Yes! I will! Here comes with a wedding ceremony after the acceptance of marriage proposal.

White wedding gowns wearied by a bride symbolize the purity and romance. A combination of white, pink and red flower crown best fit the brown curly hairstyle of the bride. The bridal bouquet that make up of red and pink flowers are said to bring happiness and love to the bride and groom.

A black coat paired with pure white shirt and burnished black shoes of a groom is the perfect match to be by the side of the bride during wedding ceremony.

Good news~ These crochet couples have bendable limbs.

Wish all the newlyweds peace, joy, love and happiness today and forever.

✿ Suitable for: Anniversary, Wedding Gift, Decorations for Wedding Reception, Dinner, Ceremony, Wishes for Newlyweds, Door Gift


Pure Handmade ! : Each item is meticulously crafted with 100% handmade crochet, showcasing a variety of delightful designs such as dolls, flowers, and keychains. Every piece in this collection is a labor of love, requiring extensive time and energy to bring to life.

Product Specification

  • Crochet Bride – L14.0cm/5.5inch, H15.8cm/6.2inch

  • Crochet Groom – L7.5cm/3.0inch, H16.5cm/6.5inch

    (Please allow a slight difference in the measurement due to handmade production)


Product images shown are for illustrative purposes only. The actual products may vary slightly from the product images due to our products being handmade.

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