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Crochet Pikachu Keychain

Crochet Pikachu Keychain

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Crochet Pikachu Keychain

The standing Pikachu highlights Pikachu’s iconic zig-zag tail shaped just like a lightning bolt. Both versions feature rich yellow fur, black-tipped ears perked up in attention, round red pouches on its cheeks in mid-snuggle, dotted eyes, and Pikachu's signature wavy smile. Choose sitting or standing to match your personality!


Pure Handmade ! : Each item is meticulously crafted with 100% handmade crochet, showcasing a variety of delightful designs such as dolls, flowers, and keychains. Every piece in this collection is a labor of love, requiring extensive time and energy to bring to life.

Product Specification

  • Crochet Pikachu (Sitting) – L7.2cm/2.8inch, H11.0cm/4.3inch
    Crochet Pikachu (Standing) – L5.0cm/2.0inch, H11.0cm/4.3inch
    (Please allow a slight difference in the measurement due to handmade production)


Product images shown are for illustrative purposes only. The actual products may vary slightly from the product images due to our products being handmade.

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